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Vivid Offers Farrah Abraham $1 Million To Take A Polygraph Test To Prove Rape Claims

Its surprising to me that a therapist with the credentials of Dr. Jenn Berman would readily believe Farrah Abraham. We find no merit in Farrahs recent statement that she was 'drugged and raped more than once' while on promotional tour following the release of her sex tape last year, the statement read. Farrah sextape Steve, did, however, give Farrah the opportunity to prove her claimsand collect a handsome reward if she can prove shes telling the truth. We challenge Farrah to take our sanctioned polygraph test to prove whether or not she was telling the truth. If she passes the polygraph test, we will give her $1-million, he said. If not, Farrah needs to publicly state that she was not being truthful and agree to forego all future and past royalties on both of her teen mom tapes.
More http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/141081/Vivid-Offers-Farrah-Abraham-1-Million-To-Take-A-Polygraph-Test-To-Prove-Rape-Claims

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