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The Media And Chris Christie: Going Overboard In New Jersey

Despite competition from Maryland, Christie The key difference is that partisan bias focuses more on the political interests of specific politicians or a party generally. Feeding-frenzy defenders insist the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridgeis special because innocent constituents were deliberately inconvenienced for partisan purposes. That's surely what makes this scandalous, but it hardly makes it unique. The Obama administration employed similar tactics during the sequester and the government shutdown. Closing see page the open-air World War II Memorial, furloughing air traffic controllers and other efforts were deliberate attempts to maximize the pain of innocents for political benefit. The tactic worked, but that's not a justification for it, is it? The allegation that the Obama administration used theIRSto target political opponents is far more explosive (similar tactics were at the core of theNixonimpeachment effort). And, unlike Christie's claims Farrah Abraham of what he knew and when, similarWhite House denials haven't held up.
More http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bal-jonah-goldberg-the-media-and-chris-christie-going-overboard-in-new-jersey-20140117,0,1654244.story

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