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The Gop's Kwanzaa Tweet Is As Bad As Its Rosa Parks Tweet

Wishing those celebrating a joyous time with loved ones and a time of meaningful reflection ahead of the http://h.hatena.com/santiagoslgq/81807123005431259 New Year. RNC (@GOP) December 26, 2013 Yes, it's pretty apparent Kim K that the writer doesn't really know what sort of "meaningful reflection" occurs during this "joyous time." Or maybe they're just not completely comfortable encouraging black people to celebrate their African heritage. Still, it doesn't offend conservative non-Christians by saying "Happy Holidays Is What Liberals Say" on an ugly mug or T-shirt. It doesn't declare racisma very real, very modern conditionover. It's a considerate, though under-informed, holiday greeting for the small, overwhelmingly black group of Americans who celebrate Kwanzaa. Some might call that progress. But it's also a dumb tweet. Randomly, Brooklyn pop band Yeasayer summed it up best: @GOP sometimes the best jokes are unintentional.
Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/gop-39-kwanzaa-tweet-bad-rosa-parks-tweet-223454103.html

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